Entergy employee volunteers planting trees

We’re embracing opportunities and challenges with foresight and responsiveness to make our communities stronger

We are committed to being good stewards of our environment by conserving natural resources, combating waste and pollution, and protecting biodiversity. Most importantly, we’re protecting and sustaining our environment for our communities and for future generations.

Water management

Through our water management strategy, were working to reduce the water used in our operations. We continuously evaluate water availability and ensure compliance with federal, state, and local permits and requirements. We protect water resources by maintaining a compliance rate with state and federal permit requirements of at least 99.9% from year to year. Our compliance rate for 2023 was 99.99%.

Two of our power generation plants operate in water-stressed areas. Since 2016, our Lewis Creek Power Plant in Texas has exceeded a water conservation goal of 30%, and the neighboring Montgomery County Power Station employs cooling towers and a closed-loop cooling reservoir that decreases water usage. Our power generation plants are more efficient overall, including our solar portfolio, which generally requires no cooling water.

Waste minimization and management

We manage waste responsibly for the benefit of our communities and the environment. We reduce waste through our commodity recycling and investment recovery process. We manage coal ash for beneficial use at a rate dependent on local construction markets. Our standards around waste minimization are included in our basic operating philosophy. We also recycle and recover the value of materials that otherwise might end up in landfills.

Percentage of coal combustion byproduct managed for beneficial use


Material fines or penalties imposed for environmental non-compliance are disclosed in our SEC Form 10-K. Information on discharges and spills into the environment are reported on the National Response Center website and managed by the United States Coast Guard.

Grassroots Sustainability Champions

Our Grassroots Sustainability Champions work to enrich our communities by engaging employees in environmental and social initiatives and raising awareness of our environmental and social objectives. Champions engage with their industry peers, work groups and internal networks to build support for and increase participation in these initiatives. More than 150 Entergy employees have become Grassroots Sustainability Champions since the team launched in 2022.

The group’s accomplishments include piloting a textile recycling program, creating guides for employees on sustainable living, shopping and holiday planning, and promoting employee participation in Earth Day activities. The Grassroots Sustainability Champions have promoted a local Girl Scout sustainability patch program and staged an Electric Vehicle Enthusiast Initiative, allowing employees to show their personal cars and speak with attendees at several Drive Electric events.