Protecting the environment: A key driver of our growth strategy

Our focus on environmental stewardship is an integral part of who we are and helps create sustainable value for all our stakeholders. We understand that protecting our natural resources is necessary to meeting our stakeholders’ needs and for future generations. We are working year-round to address climate issues, reduce carbon emissions across our value chain and protect our natural resources. Our focus on climate change has long been a key means of creating sustainable value for more than two decades. We were the first U.S. utility to set a voluntary greenhouse gas emissions goal in 2001. Today, we operate one of the cleanest large-scale power generation fleets in the country, as noted by the independent Benchmarking Air Emissions Report.

We have climate goals that reach into future decades, too. In 2019, we set a new emissions reduction strategy and committed to reducing our emission intensity by 50% from 2000 base-year levels by 2030. Soon after, we announced our commitment to achieving net-zero carbon emissions by 2050. In 2022, we enhanced our milestones, including adding an interim goal of 50% carbon-free energy capacity by 2030. These commitments are central to our mission to power life today and for future generations. Learn more about our climate goals and progress in the reports below:

Entergy maintains a forward-looking environmental management vision statement and recently combined our environmental management policy into a revised environmental, occupational health, and safety policy. Among other things, our vision statement and policy commit us to consider sustainability in all that we do, not only through our environmentally responsible behavior but also through our support of initiatives that promote local and global prosperity.

Environmental compliance is a basic tenet of our sustainability strategy, and our environment, health and safety management system drives compliance, performance excellence, and continuous improvement throughout all business functions. We are also redesigning our environmental management system to model ISO 14001 and 45001 standards with the environment, health and safety management policy as the system foundation. Our management system details company objectives for all Entergy-owned facilities and includes policy and strategy, identification of compliance requirements, risk assessment, and clear objectives, programs, and procedures in addition to training and an annual senior management review. We validate our management system and our environmental performance through annual third-party audits and provide transparency through regular performance reporting.

Guiding our environmental strategy

The documents above are provided for informational purposes only and are not intended to add enforceable legal or regulatory requirements. The documents do, however, include additional performance expectations adopted by the company.

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