Entergy's procurement and supply chain organization procures a broad scope of supplies, equipment and services to meet the needs of our communities, customers, employees and owners. We play a key role in meeting Entergy's commitment of achieving net-zero emissions by 2050. We're building effective partnerships, managing risk and ensuring suppliers share our vision of a sustainable future. -Jim Niemiec, vice president and Chief Supply Chain Officer

Our commitment and approach

Procurement and supply chain sustainability vision and strategy

  • By embracing and implementing effective sustainability standards and practices aligned with ours, Entergy’s suppliers help us protect the environment, improve customers’ lives and meet the growing expectations of our stakeholders. 
  • We collaborate with our suppliers to advance our collective climate aspirations. We conduct business with suppliers that share our commitment to environmental, social and governance issues and topics. We engage suppliers in ESG through assessments, training and business reviews, and we recognize ESG performance through an annual vendor awards program.

Supplier relationships and expectations

  • Building collaborative relationships with our suppliers is fundamental to succeeding in our company’s mission and climate goals.
  • Entergy expects its suppliers to provide goods and services in a safe and environmentally conscientious manner consistent with our Supplier Code of Conduct and Human Rights Policy. Learn more about Entergy's ESG commitments and strategy in our annual Performance Report.
  • In addition to diverse, local and safety criteria, Entergy includes sustainability requirements in its procurement bidding process. Learn more about doing business with Entergy.

Supplier diversity and development

  • We engage diverse and local suppliers on our journey to net-zero emissions by 2050. The clean energy transition is the next big opportunity for wealth creation in the diverse and local supplier communities.
  • Entergy's local and diverse supplier development and sourcing initiative is designed to identify and develop a robust group of safe, qualified and competitive suppliers capable of meeting the company’s business needs and elevating ESG performance.
  • Our focus on including local and diverse suppliers benefits the communities we serve while providing Entergy with a higher level of personalized service, quality products and innovation. See an overview of our supplier diversity program here.