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Entergy Arkansas currently is exploring opportunities to offer the Power Through offering into our service area.

With Power Through, you will have onsite backup power generation for a discounted monthly charge rather than independently purchasing and operating a full-scale generator solution. This program helps ensure participating customers keep the lights on and lets Entergy use this generation to serve demand in the local area. In addition, Entergy Arkansas will handle the installation and maintenance for you at no upfront cost.

We are seeking approval from the Arkansas Public Service Commission to bring this offering to our customers.

If you are interested in showing your support to the APSC or have questions about the offering, please reach out to your Entergy Arkansas Customer Service Partner, or contact us.

Estimated monthly generator cost

Typical customer

Generator size

Monthly cost of Power Through*

Large grocery store 400 - 800 kw $1,000 - $2,400
Big box retailer 800 - 1,000 kw $2,000 - $6,600
Pharmacy 100 kw $200 - $300
Nursing home 100 - 400 kw $200 - $1,200

* These are example pricings. Actual quoting, engineering, installations, etc., will be specific to each site. Actual Power Through monthly fees will be based upon customer-specific installation costs. This estimate assumes the customer chooses a 20-year recovery option. Also, the Power Through cost estimates are based on Entergy Louisiana’s pricing model.

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